The publishing wing of Ray Griff Enterprises was formed in 1964
with Ray Griff and Carla Scarborough as the principal owners, with
the publishing company being called Blue Echo Music.
Both of the parties were working for Robert B. Ferguson Music, a
Nashville publishing/sheet music company, Ray as a song plugger
and Carla as the book keeper.
The first recorded song in the new company was a song entitled
"Baby", written by Ray, produced by Owen Bradley and recorded
by a relatively unknown artist by the name of Wilma Burgess.
The song became a big hit and over the course of the next twenty
years the company flourished with such hits as:

"After The Laughter" (Wayne Newton) "Hold Me" (Slim Whitman)
"Step Aside" (Faron Young) "Where Love Begins" (Gene Watson)
"Canadian Pacific" (George Hamilton 1V) "Softly" (Hank Locklin)
"Sweet Wine" (Johnny Carver) "Something Special" (Mel Tillis)
"Better Move It On Home" (Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner)
"Between This Time and The Next Time" (Gene Watson)
"It Couldn't Have Been Any Better" (Johnny Duncan)
"Who's Gonna Play This Old Piano" (Jerry Lee Lewis)
"Lost In The Shuffle" (Stonewall Jackson)
"You're Wearin' Me Down" (Kenny Price)
"Wave At 'em Billy Boy" (Dave Dudley)
"Gettin' Back To Norma" (Bob Luman)

A recording artist in his own right, Ray scored with such hits as
"The Morning After Baby Let Me Down", "Darlin'", "Patches",
"I Love The Way That You Love Me", "If I Let Her Come In",
"It Rains Just The Same In Missouri", "You Ring My Bell",
"If That's What It Takes", "That's What I Get", "The Hill",
"Your Lily White Hands", "The Sugar From My Candy",
"If I Let Her Come In", "Canada", all chart toppers.

On the strength of Ray's writing the company was a constant
fixture on the charts, with over forty songs in the top 100, as
well as being the recipient of over 40 BMI and ASCAP awards
as a music publishing company.
In the midst of the company's success Carla choose to sell her
half of the company in the early seventies, at which time Ray
became the sole owner.

From 1964 through 2012 over 700 of the companies songs were
recorded, 99% of which were written by Ray. Other subsidiary
companies under the Ray Griff publishing helm were Blue Band
Music, Blue Melody Music, Blue Candle Music and Blue Mint Music.
Other companies that became a part of Ray Griff Enterprises were
Shades of Blue Promotions, Blue Mist Productions, Focus Records
and the Note Booking Agency.

In 1995 Ray sold 50% of the copyrights in his publishing
companies, (not the publishing companies names), to a
European music conglomerate that consisted of a catalogue
of more than five hundred songs, forty years of his life's work.

In 1998 Ray formed a new publishing company, CalNash Music,
of which he is the sole owner, where all of his new songs and
musical works are published.
With his years of experience and contacts in all facets of the music
industry Ray's services range from Independent Record Production
to Music Consulting.

In 2004 Ray signed an agreement with SOCAN of Canada to
administrate his performances as a Songwriter and Music
Publisher throughout the world.

Contact information for Ray Griff Enterprises:

111-730 Barclay Cres S
Parksville, British Columbia
Canada V9P 2Z3

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